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What is Waste Prevention?

Prevention is any action to limit environmental damage. Preventing waste at source is the best option because if you don’t create waste, you can save money and protect the environment.

How Can I Prevent Waste – Small Steps, Big Changes!

Preventing waste can be challenging because it means taking a look at how we live our lives, but with a little thought and some small changes we can all make a difference. Our environment is depending on us!
Prevention means checking that you really need everything you use, and then trying to use less.
Consider whether you really need every product you buy, every appliance that’s on, every journey in a car or plane?

When Shopping

About a third of the food we buy is thrown away and at least half of this could have been eaten. All that extra food has to be brought home from the shops, cooked, refrigerated, plated out and washed up. This costs over 70% of household energy use.

• Make a list – buy only what you need and beware of special offers that may go unused
• Remember your reusable shopping bag
• Buying less packaging will help you save money on disposal & recycling
• Buy good quality reusable goods and A energy rated electrical appliances – avoid short life or disposable goods
• Buy local goods and in season produce if possible, its better for you and the environment

At Home

You might think that your household has a relatively small impact on the environment, but there are 1.5 million households in Ireland and together they are major contributors to environmental problems. Householders are also important because they make the final choice about which goods and services they consume

• Save Paper – Each of us consumes 200kg of paper per year. Besides choosing less packaging, print less and avoid free newspapers that you won’t even read
• About a third of the food we buy is thrown away and at least half of this could have been eaten. Freeze food to prolong its life and be creative with leftovers, get some recipe ideas on www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk
• Fed up with junk mail? Register with Irish Direct Marketing Association (IDMA) on 01- 8304752 to eliminate some of the mail sent to your address
• Repair and maintain appliances to extend their life, and find new users for your old gear by using waste exchange sites such as www.jumbletown.ie
• Take action to ensure your home is energy efficient www.powerofone.ie
• Recycle as much as possible. Even though recycling takes a toll on the environment, it’s much better than using materials only once before sending them to landfill

Why Prevent Waste?

Because less waste…

• going to landfill and recycling means, fewer trucks on the road, fewer landfills, less energy used for reprocessing materials and cost savings for you
• means less CO2, which causes climate change
• means more efficient use of resources such as trees, oil, metals, water, and energy

Why waste the planet?

Think Prevention — SAVE something for the future!

33% of people throw food away regularly –
61% throw lettuce away once a week!
71% of household energy is used for cooking, cleaning & refrigeration of food.

For a lot more useful information on this subject please visit: http://localprevention.ie/tidy-towns/