Town Park


The Mullingar town park is nestled between the Annebrook hotel, the Mullingar swimming pool and the tennis court.   It has two play areas for children, with swings, monkeybars, slides and even an interactive game that tests your coordination and ability to memorise instructions, which is fun for children and adults alike.  There is a pond, and a small outdoor stage that is used for quiet conversations and as a teenage hangout area by the locals.  There is also a footpath that leads you out to the dog race stadium and a bicycle path that acts as a shortcut to Oliver Plunkett Street.  It is kept clean and the green area has a good balance between grass, flowers and trees.  In the summer, it is nice to go for a walk or a picnic with your children.





Over a year ago, the park was subjected to pipe laying works, and there was some expectation of archaeological finds that did not materialise, even though the area was inhabited by Dominican monks a long time ago.  It is a haven for relaxation for people working in the town centre and a quiet rest area for residents who are looking to get away from the noise and the traffic for a few minutes before resuming their normal activities.