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Mullingar Tidy Towns is made up of a voluntary committee, CE workers, Tús workers, and local volunteers. Its aim is to enhance the appearance of our town.

  • Local Involvement: we would encourage active participation and involvement of groups and organisations to help us with trying to achieve these goals.
  • Environmental Awareness: promote environ awareness, civic spirit and pride in the community.
  • Innovative and Effective: create innovative and effective projects with a view to addressing local challenges.

All of this hard work would not be possible without the involvement and support of our many partners. These invaluable relationships contribute to the development of Mullingar Tidy Towns in many ways and we are indebted to them for their support and help.

  • Westmeath County Council
  • Mullingar Chamber of Commerce
  • Westmeath Community Development
  • Mullingar Employment and Action Group
  • Westmeath Examiner
  • Midland Topic
  • Community and Parish
  • Schools
  • Sean Doran Signs
  • Slanemore Nurseries
  • Bill Collentine Plumbing
  • Ray Dolan, from Mullingar in Mullingar
  • Sarah Jane Foster Productions
  • CP Smyths hardware
  • Shaw's Hardware

Community and Parish

Local community groups, residential associations and organisations, cooperate and contribute substantially to the success of the town. Without the support of the community, the level of development achieved would not have been possible and we hope that this will continue to built in the coming year.

Schools: The roles our local schools play in raising awareness of environmental issues is so important. We would like to acknowledge some of the schools that have helped us in the past year especially the TY students from CBS whose great work around the town has been incredible, with the planting of bulbs, raking of leaves, clean up around local estates and planting their own garden in their school with fruit trees, herbs and by using the leaves they collected as compost - Well Done. Also to Ballinea School for their litter pick along the road to the local pitch and to their planting of a flower garden in their school. St. Colman's national school also done a clean up and planting of flowers at their school. We look forward to working alongside more schools this coming year. A huge thanks from Mullingar Tidy Towns to all the teachers, students and parent councils who have supported us this past year.

Pictured with the TY students from CBS is John (Liaison Officer MTT), Bill (Chairperson MTT), and Isolde (Horticulturist with MTT).

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