Mullingar Heritage Trail

Free Smartphone App - A Self Guided Walking Tour of Mullingar

A Self Guided Walking Tour of Mullingar allows you get so much more out of a a walk around Mullingar –  Whether you dip in to a few Trail points at a time or do the Full Tour or make the most of 17 days walking by dipping into just one trail point each day – you are sure to learn so much more about this great town of Mullingar and at the same time enhance the enjoyment of your walk.

This app allows you and your smartphone enjoy a self guided walking tour that includes 17 interesting trail points around the town of Mullingar.

The Market  House – the central point of Mullingar features an imposing clock town and is also the location of one of Mullingars great musical greats  – the Joe Dolan statue.  The Market Square is also the starting point of  the Mullingar Heritage Trail.

This trail is free to download  on the App Store or Google Play  and gives an insightful tour through the centre of our towns historic streets and lanes.  Follow QR Code and links on this page or search for “Mullingar App” on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. 100% free to download.

Whats special about this walking tour – is that you are 100% in control.  Whether you are a first time visitor or a frequent visitor to the town – this walking tour will take you step by step ( with easy to follow map directions) from each trail point to the next.

The walking trail is very much town centre based – so it is short walk from one point to the next. With 17 stopping points – not alone do you get to enjoy the heritage of the town, but at each point a local voice narrates the story around that trail point.

Whether you have 10 minutes or 2 hours to spare – you can enjoy this Walking Tour at your leisure – and if you choose you can dip in and out of it as you like and you dont have to start at the Market Square. Our map will lead you to any point on the trail or take you to the nearest point.

We promise you will you enjoy each trail point and the stories and history associated with it. Download direct to your phone using the QR code on the attached image or search for “Mullingar app” in the app store or google play. Its free, its educational, its informative and even for those who think they know the town well – it will spring up a few surprises. Most of all its free and its enjoyable.

This Heritage App is brought to you by Mullingar Tidy Towns Committee. 

The app is for both visitors and locals – – as this enlightening ” Walking Heritage Trail of Mullingar” meandors through the centre of the town and returns you to the Market Square at the end of your enjoyable town tour.

Each Trail Point has a voice and text narration as well as a mix of images and video.  You learn about the town, its name, gain insights into medieval Mullingar , learn about famous names in the Town – hear about James Joyce and “gallows green”.  Its a journey through the present and the past.

Whether you take the trail in your stride or dip in and out at your leisure – you are sure to enjoy.

For all those walkers out there at present – why not treat yourself to 1 stop  on each of your walk days. Enjoy your heritage walk.

This app  trail points and content was put together by Mullingar Tidy Towns  under Billy Collentine, as Chairman. Text by Jason McKevitt. Photos and videos by Ger OConnor, Sean Magee and Sarah Jane Foster. Voiceovers by locals.

The  technology and app development for Mullingar  “Heritage Trail App” has been  100% developed and project managed in Westmeath by a joint venture of and 

The project has been part funded through Westmeath Leader 2014-2020

Download for Free Now  Apple and Android smartphones…..

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